Friday, 25 March 2016

cleaning solar panels

There is apparently no question that solar is going to be the new wave into the future as it pertains to exactly how we power our homes, offices, transportation, and more. You can find constant new developments in the solar industry as scientists find better ways to harness the inexhaustible power of the sun. And as homeowners and business owners be much more conscientious about reducing their carbon footprints, industry for solar products continues to solar panels
One perk of experiencing solar panels is that if the first payment there is virtually no other cost. Any maintenance involved with solar panels cost hardly any, and aside from that the thing you want to do is clean your panels every once in a while. And now there is new technology that might even eliminate the task of solar panels dust
Rovers on the moon and Mars were stifled on occasion because their solar panels were covered in dust. During the time, the only real scientist could do was hope that the gust of wind might blow the dust off. To combat the situation scientist developed a brand new technology to use on future rover missions. The technology uses an electrostatic field to send dust--which has its electric charge--to the edge of solar panels.Know more
Now, technology that may be used in space might also be properly used below on Earth. The technology would be used in quite similar method to repel dust. While it is really a small task, it would be a great convenience for homeowners. It would also make a difference in the efficiency of solar panels in the desert. While there is plenty of sunlight to take advantage of, there is also plenty of dust in the desert. In some aspects of the world this really is as huge concern because dust can obscure sunlight. As well as this, self-cleaning solar panels would also be good for the environment because no water would be wasted on cleaning the panels. In addition they need hardly any energy to work.

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