Thursday, 10 December 2015

Digital printing definition

Digital printing can be a modern printing technique which causes prints from a computer file instead of a slide or perhaps a photograph, without undergoing some intermediate medium like a film negative, a colour proof or even a plate. Digital printing is needed for many commercial printing needs within black and white and full colour. Some specialist commercial digital printing companies could also offer:

•              large format printing for example posters, signage, canvas and acrylic prints
•              extra wide printing for big scale external applications like banners, advertising billboards, hoardings and building wraps.

Today digital printing definition has increasingly employed in place of older types of printing like litho. It is easy to realize why when you glance at the many advantages digital printing offers:

Advantages of digital printing definition

Digital printing has several benefits, the primary ones being faster turnaround reducing production cost. It is often used in on-demand or short-run colour printing. It is very cost-effective on short print runs as a result of the low build costs cheap there are no minimum volume restrictions. Other advantages include:

•              Choice of processes many of which can be used by high definition printing applications
•              Printing may be accomplished on various substrates
•              Waterproof and fade resistant inks works extremely well
•              Suitable for printing materials for interior or use outdoors
•              Any size is usually printed including large format and additional wide format

Digital printing processes

There are various processes which can be used by digital printing, a choice of which is dependent on the application and intended use. Among them are:

INKJET PRINTING produces photo-realistic graphics with brilliant colour intensity. Its versatility can make it a good choice for big format display graphics. Inkjet printers use CMYK inks to make full colour which enables it to print onto an array of media which means this process is correct for both indoor use and external use.

UV PRINTING is really a high quality and value effective large format full colour printing process. The process uses beneficial to our environment UV inks that happen to be cured with UV light, which makes it very resistant against fading, water-proof and abrasion. It is ideally best for outdoor graphics as it may cope with all climate conditions. There are two forms of UV full colour printing to understand more refer Designer Graphics.

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